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Business & Commercial Expert Testimony

Jamie Deméricas, President of Texas SBA™ provides expert witness testimony, expert written reports, and consultative services for legal actions pending before the Texas Supreme Court, Texas Court of Appeals, Texas District Courts, and Texas County Courts. The services of Mr. Deméricas are rendered to attorneys, insurance professionals, and other public and private agencies, based upon his strong breadth of experience and exposure.

Build the strongest case possible by utilizing the credibility and unbiased evidenced-based opinion or expert testimony of Jamie Deméricas. With many cases requiring expert testimony or consultancy, there's no substitute for hiring a qualified business and commercial expert to assist your company's litigation. Mr. Deméricas provides the clarification and big picture perspective that your legal team may need to guide the direction of your evidenciary and technical findings.

Mr. Deméricas expert testimony, written reports, and consultations are available in many formats: Texas-based depositions, video depositions, Texas-based trials, web-based and telephone-based consultation, or courrier-delivered written reports are available to assist your litigation team. Hourly or flat-rate billing is available depending upon the case and services required.

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