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Every 2 years since 1839, the Texas legislature has convened 31 Senators, 150 Representatives, and the Lieutenant Governor for a session of 140 days to propose, ammend, and repeal legislation. It is during this session that agency budgets are approved, votes are taken, and committee members attempt to find common ground on legislative matters. During the interim period, relationships are maintained and discussions are held between Texas lobbyists and Texas legislators.

Everyday, small and medium-sized businesses are affected by government regulations and laws that cripple company performance and burden management with unnecessary restraints. This occurs because small business represents over 97% of America's 27 million companies with Texas possessing 2.3 million firms. Our Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts forcasts the state's economy to reach $1.6 Trillion this year with much activity being generated by the Texas small business community. Hence, it makes numerical sense for legislative and regulatory policy to overwhelming affect small business.

Lack of media exposure has many businesspeople thinking legislative lobbyists are reserved for large corporations, but this is not true. As detailed above, the U.S. and Texas economies are dominated by small business who are the employers, voters, and taxpayers upon which society requires for existence. Without the small business population, there would be no United States nor Texas society.

Jamie Demericas, President of Texas SBA™ is 1 of approximately 2,200 recognized State of Texas lobbyists who holds direct communication with members of the Texas House, Texas Sentate, their committees, and staffs relating to business matters concerning individual small or medium-sized businesses. Available for hire, your small business can have immediate representation among Texas legislators who decide the regulatory environment your company must exist.

Productive communication with lawmakers can be very difficult to obtain for individual business owners lacking a personal relationship. Jamie Demericas eliminates this barrier as a State of Texas lobbyist. Business owners are also challenged if they lack familiarity with the legislative process. Again, Jamie Demericas personal knowledge and experience with Texas legislation invites him access to decision-makers in the Texas legislative process. Utilizing the services of a State of Texas lobbyist for your company's legislative agenda can be the most effective method for impacting legislative change in the shortest period of time.

Whether your company seeks to closely monitor important legislative movements or address specific laws and regulations affecting your business, Texas SBA™ and Jamie Demericas have an affordable solution to help accomplish your company's specific objectives.

Schedule an telephone-based appointment with Jamie Deméricas to discuss your Texas legislative agenda.

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