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Texas lawmakers have approved a $209 Billion state budget with $113 Billion available for use by over general-spending by over 200 State of Texas agencies. These monies do not include the "Rainy Day Fund" which is projected to have $11.1 Billion at the end of August 2017. Our "Great State of Texas" is the world's 12th largest economy generating $1.6 Trillion annually; maintains a perfect "AAA" credit rating; and will be spending $113 Billion for general purposes during 2016 & 2017.

Below are a few of the 200+ State of Texas agency budgets to purchase goods and services during fiscal year 2016:

Texas Agency Expenditures for 2016:

 Attorney General $101.4 Million
 Dept. of Aging and Disability Services $468.7 Million
 Dept. of Family and Protective Services $225.2 Million
 Dept. of State Health Services $303.5 Million
 Employees Retirement System of Texas $539.1 Million
 General Land Office $264.8 Million
 Texas Lottery Commission $72.0 Million

 Texas Dept. of Transportation $1.3 Billion
 Texas Education Agency $5.2 Billion
 Texas Workforce Commission $107.8 Million
 Health and Human Services Commission $2.9 Billion
 Parks and Wildlife Dept. $58.6 Million
 Teacher Retirement System of Texas $1.9 Billion
 Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice $634.8 Million

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 Contracts for Veterans
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Contracts Under $1,000,000
Contracts Under $10,000,000
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Texas-Based Companies are Eligible
Out-of-State Companies are Eligible
Non-U.S. Companies are Eligible

Due to the complexity of bureaucratic procedures in state procurement, Jamie Demericas guides your application through the cumbersome process of bidding, IFBs, RFPs, RFIs, RFOs, and RFQs including representation before 200+state agencies and their purchasing officers. Since government agencies are considered repeat customers, it's beneficial for your company to utilize the relationships Jamie Demericas maintains throughout the State of Texas.

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